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ON WORKING WITH Jane Wollman Rusoff . . .

 “Great story. Everything you said brings me alive again. You’re a wonderful writer.”

~ Jerry Stiller
“Thank you for the terrific article.
  It really meant a lot.”  

~ Joan Rivers

“My mother felt very comfortable talking to you. She doesn’t usually open up, so you must have brought that out in her. The Profile was absolutely beautifully presented – something my children will cherish. I wish I had one about my father and grandparents.” 
~ Sue Capin, California
“What a rarity for this territory – keeping promises…Thank you for sending your stories on [my friend] Tony [Bennett]. They were perfectly written.”

~ Irving Link, California

“Excellent article – interesting, accurate.  Great job!”
~ Bob Barker


“My son and daughter and grandkids are just thrilled with my ‘Legacy Profile.’ I’m so glad I dusted off the old memories and brought them back to life. Thank you for doing such an incredible job!”
~ Paula Silvers, California
“The interview was like talking to a friend. The writing was what I like: fluid, believable.  It’s not stilted – it’s real.”

~ Jean Carroll
“You are a brilliant writer! My husband was very proud and touched…Thank you for excellent work.”

~ Janine Wertheim, Nebraska


"Thanks a million! I thoroughly enjoyed the story.”
~ Phyllis Diller

“It was a pleasure to read an article that sounded so much like me speaking. You certainly have the gift of communication in your interviewing.”
~ Carolyn Mennie, New Jersey


“Thanks for the great story!”
~ Tippi Hedren
“What a sparkling article! Thank you for making me larger than life.”

~ Lisa Cortes, New York

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